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Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2018 – Top Rated Mattresses

Best Memory Foam MattressLooking for a new mattress can be confusing enough, let alone one made from memory foam. And that’s why here on Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2018, the guesswork has been removed to help you select from the range of top rated mattresses one that fits your budget and requirements.

Over the last 10 years the market for these mattresses has expanded significantly.

Not too long ago, mattresses manufactured from memory foam were a luxury for people that could afford to spend a lot of money on the Tempur Pedic brand. Or they were an essential but expensive requirement of people with a medical condition that required one to help alleviate their condition and provide greater support.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a material that came about as a result of a NASA project some decades ago. The project was designed to find ways to better support astronauts. As with many inventions, it didn’t take long to discover that the benefits offered could actually be applied to a wide range of everyday products. Among those products came mattresses made with memory foam, or what was more popularly known as a Tempurpedic mattress.

However, like with other new technological inventions, the cost of the products developed were pretty expensive to begin with. And so for a time, if anybody wanted to experience the benefits of a mattress made from memory foam, the default choice was to look at Tempur-Pedic’s Tempur-Pedic bed range.

A Tempurpedic bed is typically the bed foundation combined with the Tempur Pedic mattress, and as the first to market and now an established premium brand name, they cost in the thousands, rather than the hundreds of dollars to buy. This makes them cost prohibitive for many people, but they are still among the best memory foam mattress manufacturers for those that can afford one.

How Does Memory Foam Work?

Memory foam works by acting as a supportive material that can accommodate significant weight, while at the same time not providing resistance. The problem with traditional spring coil mattresses is that the nature of a spring is to provide resistance against any weight placed upon it.

So if there are any pressure sensitive areas on the body, a spring coil mattress may aggravate and therefore trigger or increase the level of pain in those areas.

The way memory foam works is that when an object is placed on it – in the case of a mattress your body, the material simply molds itself around the shape of the object, acting like a gentle cushion, providing support, but not resistance. The experience of sleeping on memory foam has been described by some people as if they were sleeping on air. This has also made them them popular with people looking for a supportive and comfortable orthopedic mattress.

Who Would Want One?

Memory foam mattresses are primarily sought out by people who have some kind of medical, muscular, or skeletal condition that would be aggravated by sleeping on a traditional mattress. Not only does memory foam do a better job of providing comfort and support, but it does it in a way that better supports the natural profile of the body too.

Until fairly recently, these mattresses were sought out only by people who could afford to pay a premium to get the highest quality sleeping experience in the form of a Tempur Pedic bed. But now, thanks to production and manufacturing costs coming down, anybody who is prepared to pay a little bit more than a standard spring coil mattress can have a memory foam aka viscoelastic foam mattress.

There are a large number of reviews and top ratings given by customers online to some of the more affordable memory foam mattresses on the market. These mattresses have rapidly become popular and bestsellers due to the quality and budget friendly price.

The awareness of the comfort and support provided by these mattresses is so strong that people who are looking to purchase a new mattress are no longer looking for the traditional spring coil mattress as first choice.

An additional benefit that comes with these mattresses is a longer mattress life span. Spring coil mattresses tend to last for up to 10 years before needing to be replaced. Some of the best manufacturers offer mattresses that can last for as long as up to 25 years, and often come with a guarantee to back this up.

How Thick Should Your Mattress Be?

You may have noticed that memory foam mattresses are available in a variety of thicknesses and are wondering what is the best thickness that you should go for. It is recommended that you have no less than a 10 inch mattress to get an adequate level of support.

If you are a very small and lightweight person, then you may consider an 8 inch mattress, but in general a 10 inch mattress is the recommended thickness required for most people. If you would like to spend a little bit more money for the best results, or are heavier than average, then you may wish to go for a 12 inch mattress.

14 and 16 inch mattresses are also available, but unless you are particularly heavy and therefore require an extra level of support, 10 or 12 inch you should be fine for you. Don’t forget that the thicker the mattress, the higher your bed will be to climb into!

Bear in mind that mattresses made from memory foam are heavy, and because of this you will most likely wish to invest in a memory foam mattress foundation.

Memory Foam Composition

One of the things to consider is the composition of the mattress. This area can be a little bit tricky, especially considering that the actual memory foam layer is only part of the mattress.

Typically the mattress will consist of two or three foam layers.

It is recommended that you go for a mattress with no less than a 2.5 inch memory foam layer in a 10 inch mattress.

You will also want to pay attention to the memory foam density. Getting a mattress with a density too low  – below 3lbs will lead to an unsupportive mattress.

Conversely, having a mattress with a density that is too high – above 5.5lbs will lead to having a mattress that likely to be too firm and rigid to comfortably sleep on. So do pay attention to mattress composition.

What Is A Memory Foam Gel Mattress?

If you have been doing a bit of research then you may have come across what is known as a gel memory foam mattress. These are one of the newest technological trends in mattresses made from memory foam. They are designed to address the common complaint that mattresses made with memory foam can become uncomfortably warm to sleep on – especially during warmer weather.

In its natural state, memory foam tends to lock in any heat that accumulates, so that means while you sleep on the mattress, the heat that your body gives off tends to get trapped inside the mattress.

Recently, memory foam mattresses have been developed with built in airflow technology to help get around this problem. But the latest developments takes it one step further by infusing gel into the mattress to both help dissipate and distribute heat, as well is provide additional comfort.

These mattresses have proved a strong, popular instant hit, with many positive reviews left by customers extremely delighted with their gel foam mattress purchase.

It is not absolutely essential to go for a memory foam gel mattress, but if you don’t mind paying a little bit extra, then you may wish to get one of these mattresses, especially if you feel that heat is likely to become a problem for you.

Drawbacks Of Memory Foam?

There are a few potential drawbacks to memory foam. One is that memory foam inherently tends to lock in heat. However recent mattress technological developments have resulted in these mattresses coming with built in airflow systems to help mitigate this.

As mentioned above another recent effort to address this problem lies in the form of memory foam gel mattresses.

While many people enjoy the feeling of sleeping on memory foam compared to a traditional inner coil mattress, it may not be for everyone. However it is important to distinguish between comfort and firmness. Like with spring coil mattresses, memory foam mattresses can vary in the level of firmness too.

A couple of minor or temporary issue occurs with setting up your mattress and allowing it to expand, off-gas or air out due to the manufacturing process and rolled up vacuum packed compact state the mattress will be delivered in. See below.

Despite these drawbacks, plain memory foam and memory foam with gel mattresses are in high demand due to the superior comfort and support memory foam offers compared to spring mattresses, as well as its durability.

Can You Sleep On It On The First Night?

You may have heard that you should not sleep on your new memory foam mattress for the first 24 hours. What happens if you do? Well you can inhibit its functioning. You see when your mattress is delivered it will arrived vacuum packed. This basically means the mattress has been compressed and sealed, removing all the air from it.

So when you unpack it, it needs time to regain its natural shape. That will obviously not happen if it is still trying to expand to its full natural shape while having body weight to fight against.

However 24-48 hours is only a recommendation to ensure that your mattress has had enough time to fully expand. Most modern mattresses will very quickly expand within the first 8 hours anyway. As soon as you remove the plastic wrapping that your mattress is delivered in you’ll be in awe at the initial expansion.

The nearer it gets to reaching its full shape, the slower the recovery. So basically in the first 8-12 hours a mattress may have recovered 80-90% of its shape, but may need just as long to get to 100%.

The belief is that if you do not allow the mattress to fully expand before use then you may impede its lifespan. Obviously this may not be practical if you have no space. But if possible, try to allow it to expand.

If you will not be disposing of your current mattress until after delivery, then you could sleep on it and then wake early to unpack the mattress and allow maximum expansion time.

Another reason for leaving it one or two days is because memory foam has a distinct smell from the manufacturing process. Once you unpack it it needs time for off-gassing this smell.

For most people, it is tolerable, but for other people that are more sensitive, you may wish to purchase a mattress protector to cover your mattress with. But it is an issue to consider for some people that may be especially sensitive or less tolerant to the smell.

Memory foam will smell the most in the first 48 hours. It needs time to air out. It may still continue to smell even after that, but to a lesser extent and should disappear within a week or two.


Having a mattress made with memory foam means that you get a mattress that supports your natural posture in the best possible way, with benefits far outweighing any drawbacks.

It provides comfort and support instead of aggravating any painful sensitive pressure points, and they are naturally longer lasting than a spring coil mattress, ensuring fantastic value for money.

Look around this site and read the best memory foam mattress reviews for a number of high quality and value for money top rated mattresses on sale now.