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Best Memory Foam Mattress Foundation – How To Choose & Buy

Memory Foam Mattress FoundationSo you’re buying a memory foam mattress and are now looking for the best memory foam mattress foundation to go with it. That’s what we’re discussing on this page.

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Memory foam weighs more than a spring mattress. As such you need to ensure that your mattress is supported by a strong and sturdy base that can handle the weight of the mattress and up to two people.

Some memory foam mattress manufacturers sell their products as a complete bed with foundation and mattress, some sell these two parts separately. We’re discussing memory foam mattress bed frames, so It is indeed this latter category that we’re concerned with addressing, assuming you will be using your existing mattress or buying a new one.

4 Top Foundations Of Different Types

Zinus 14" SmartBase Mattress FoundationZinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress FoundationMetal
Wood Slat and Metal Platform Memory Foam Mattress FoundationZinus Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform 1500 Metal Bed Frame / Wooden Slat Support
Wood Slat
Low Profile FoundationClassic Brands Instant Foundation Low Profile 4-InchLow Profile
Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote and USB PortsClassic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote and USB PortsAdjustable

Do You Need a Memory Foam Mattress Foundation?

Traditional spring mattresses will come with a base. A box spring base is common. This is to ensure that the mattress is adequately supported to get the best use and lifespan out of it.

Memory foam mattresses need a foundation too, but the foundation needs to be strong, durable, and sturdy. You may be wondering if you might be able to use your box spring base?

If the box spring base has been in use with your existing mattress for over 5 years, then it is not worth trying to reuse the base with your new memory foam mattress, unless you are highly satisfied that the base is still in very good condition. Otherwise it may not be able to support the mattress properly and you risk damaging the mattress and voiding its warranty.

A proper foundation for a memory foam mattress is firm, sturdy and durable, to adequately support the denser form and heavier weight of memory foam. Wood slat foundations and metal frame foundations are the two common types of foundation purchased for use with a memory foam mattress.

A bed height overall is usually around 24″. So you’ll typically want a 14″ foundation to go with a 10″-12″ mattress. Lower height 9″ and 5″ sizes are also available if you have a 14″+ size mattress and have a need to offset the difference, or just prefer a lower bed height.

Let’s discuss each of the different types of bed base, when they might be used, and which are some of the best or highly popular ones.

Types Of Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

Wood Slat Bed Frame Memory Foam Mattress Foundations

Wood Slat and Metal Platform Memory Foam Mattress FoundationThis type of foundation is popular for use with memory foam mattresses. With a wooden slat bed frame, ensure that the slats are close enough to each other, unless it has been designed specifically for use as a memory foam mattress foundation

The slats should not be more than 3 inches apart for supporting memory foam mattresses.

A metal frame now reinforces many of these designs, such as the popular Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform 1500 Metal Bed Frame / Wooden Slat Support.

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Metal Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

Zinus 14" SmartBase Mattress FoundationThis type of memory foam mattress foundation is very popular nowadays. That’s because as well as strength, this type of platform base for memory foam mattresses is typically easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s not just great for people that hate putting furniture furniture together.

It is also great especially for people that may often need to move their furniture around or recover storage storage space in between guests. That’s thanks to it;s construction offering the re-usability, portability, and store away functions that a standard memory foam box spring base could never provide.

One of the most popular ones on the market at a very reasonable price is the metal Zinus 14″ SmartBase Mattress Foundation.

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Due to its folding design, the Zinus metal bed frame is great not just for your own long term use, but they are also great to use to temporarily cater for any guests staying with you.

You simply unfold it when you want to use it, and then fold it and put it away in storage when your guest leaves, so you can get your floor space back again.

The metal strands used for support are close enough together to provide the support your mattress needs. These frames are usually quite affordable, coming in cheaper than their wooden counterparts.

The highly rated Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is available if you need a new mattress too. Click here to shop for it on Amazon.

Low Profile Foundation

Low Profile FoundationThe major problem with memory foam mattresses is that they are quite thick. That’s great for comfort. But not so great if you have difficulty getting into bed.

We recommend 10 inches as the minimum adequate mattress for supporting most adults people of average weight.

But that 10 inches is then added together with the height of the foundation, box spring or whatever base support that you are placing the mattress on.

You can get a shock to find that where you previously could comfortably get into your previous non memory foam bed, you now have a higher bed to get into. This is especially the case if you go for one of the thicker mattresses i.e 14″+.

For some people it may be more a problem of getting the mattress base through the front door to the bedroom. The architecture of their home may get in the way, with regular foundations unable to fit through narrow hallways or staircases. Unlike memory foam, bases can not come conveniently vacuum packed into a fraction of their size.

Not to worry, the Classic Brands Instant Foundation Low Profile 4-Inch is a great low profile foundation for your 14″+ mattress that won’t make it too difficult to get into bed, or that will make it easier if you simply prefer a lower bed height.

This box spring foundation is easy to assemble and includes all tools necessary to put it together.

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Adjustable Bases / Adjustable Bed Frames for Memory Foam Mattresses

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote and USB PortsThis is a special type of base. If you’re just looking for a stationery base, then you can skip this section.

Adjustable foundations or bases, also known as adjustable bed frames, are for the person that wants the ultimate in memory foam luxury. That is having a bed that they can adjust and configure to their desired position by remote control.

Cheaper manually adjustable models are also available. These frames are usually used with counterpart adjustable mattresses and together are referred to as adjustable beds.

Adjustable foundations often come with a least two motors, providing the ability to adjust the head and foot areas. If you love to sit up in your bed to watch TV, read a book, or work on your laptop or tablet, these are just the ticket, allowing you to customize the frame get a posture you desire.

You may also get other features like wall hugger technology to lift you up and glide you back without moving the bed. So you’ll remain in position under your nightstand and beside your bedside cabinet or table without sliding away.

Some models also include a massage feature for you to have a truly luxurious experience relaxing in your bed and unwinding after a long or intensive day.

Adjustable base prices vary a lot depending on what they can do for you. For a two person bed, price will be further affected if there is a desire to have a split frame. Each person is able to customize their half of the bed with a split frame.

The entry price for an adjustable base typically starts at around $800, and at least double that for a split frame.

A popular choice is the Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote and USB Ports, which is available standalone and with a version that includes a mattress.

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Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress

Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus 14″ Mattress Foundation

So with all the all the options available you may be wondering what is the best foundation for a memory foam mattress? Well really it doesn’t matter too much. But some people opt for a metal frame as they are strong, sturdy and usually come at a good price for the money.

The Zinus 14″ SmartBase Mattress Foundation is by far one of the best selling metal frame foundations. It offers sturdiness and comes at a very reasonable price.

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For some people with flights of stairs, tricky corners, or narrow hallways, they also enable them to get the foundation easily into their home.

But do also bear in mind the height of your memory foam mattress, as your bed frame is going to add to that. If you are going for a memory foam mattress that is higher than your previous bed – or would be when sitting atop a normal height foundation, then you may want to specifically consider a low profile foundation to offset some of the height.

Box Spring Vs Foundation Bed Frame

You may be wondering what the difference is between a box spring – which you may be used to if you have been sleeping on a spring coil mattress, and a foundation bed frame, which are the newer style of base.

Before you may have simply bought a bed which consisted of mattress and box spring, and now all of a sudden are confused to see that you now need to buy a mattress and something called a foundation.

First of all, let’s point out the obvious from the name box spring, which is that it is a base that consists of wood with a top layer of steel grid patterned spring coils. It was designed specifically to support and complement a spring mattress.

This supportive layer of springs underneath the mattress provides both robust support and would help prevent wear and tear and absorb shocks from using the mattress.

It also served the basic need to raise the height of the bed to a comfortable position for getting in and out of bed. As who wants to sleep close to the floor with creepy crawlies?

However box springs had one inherent flaw – springs can only resist pressure for so long, and even worse, when some springs wear out before others, your mattress no longer benefits from being on a flat evenly supportive surface.

Mattress and bed technology has moved on since then with the advent of non-spring based mattresses, We now have airbed, latex and memory foam mattresses. For these other bed and mattress types, the mattress does not require a spring base to support it, they just require a strong flat base.

These strong flat surface bases and slatted bases offer superior support, because unlike springs that have to resist weight, foundations do not have that problem, and thus do not quickly lose their strength over time. A flat strong surface also prevents the damage of sagging or pitting that could occur with a box spring that has partially worn out springs.

That said, some people still prefer a box spring and you can buy them readily, such as the Lifetime Sleep Products Box Spring Great for Memory Foam Mattress on Amazon.

Foundations typically come with a metal frame or a traditional wood frame with either a corrugated wood top or wood slats. Metal frames are often preferred by people that portability or storage needs, as many varieties are foldable as well as easy to assemble and disassemble.

Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress Conclusion

A memory foam mattress can last up to 25 years, so when you buy one you definitely want to be sure that you have a base that can adequately support it. Most likely therefore if you are replacing a spring mattress, you will want to discard the box spring base and buy a wood foundation or metal bed frame.

Alongside memory foam mattress reviews, you may also wish to take look at the reviews for memory foam mattress foundations too.

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If you have more customized needs, then an adjustable base will enable you to configure the bed to suit the posture that you desire. Whether you just want more support for your back, or if you want to sit up in bed and watch TV.

If the bed is for two people, you may want to consider a split adjustable base. This enables you to avoid forcing your partner to accept your bed configuration or vice versa. Each person gets to control their half of the bed. Mattress and adjustable base are usually sold together as a complete package.

Thanks for reading this piece on finding the best memory foam mattress foundation.