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Difference Between 8, 10, 12, & 14 Inch Foam Mattresses

Difference Between 8, 10, 12, & 14 Inch Foam Mattresses

Lucid By Linenspa 12 Gel Memory Foam MattressWhen looking into buying a memory foam mattress, or latex foam mattress, you may be a bit confused at seeing all the different levels of thicknesses of the mattresses on the market. You may be wondering questions like how fares the 10 inch vs 12 inch memory foam mattress.

Particularly, you may be wondering why there are different levels of mattress thickness. However before worrying about the difference between an 8 inch mattress and a 10 inch mattress, a 12 inch mattress, or 14 inch mattress, there are other factors that you should first consider.

What are the differences in memory foam mattress thicknesses?

When it comes to considering the difference between an 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, or 14 inch mattress, you will probably want to filter out anything less than 10 inches, and then base your decision on your personal desire for comfort and your weight.

8 Inch vs 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Some manufacturers try to pull the wool over people’s eyes with the 8 inch mattress. It really is a bit below par for the average. It might be adequate for a teenager, child or a very skinny and lightweight person, but it is less than adequaate for  an average person.

10 Inch vs 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

For the average person a 10 inch mattress should suffice, but go for a 12 inch if you feel you would appreciate the extra thickness and don’t mind getting into a slighter higher bed (2 more inches is noticeable). While mattresses typically jump up 2 inch steps, 13 inch mattresses can often be found. We regard them the same as a 12 inch for comparative purposes against 10″ mattresses.

12 Inch vs 14 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Going higher than 12 inch (or 13 inch) to 14 inch or 16 inch is for heavier people or those that like really thick mattresses. If you want to go for one of these be sure to also account for the height of the memory foam mattress foundation combined with your mattress, as you’ll want to anticipate whether you’ll have difficulty getting into a bed with such a thick mattress on it.

Memory Foam Differences Beyond Thickness To Consider

Of course it isn’t just as simple as this, as the construction of a memory foam mattress usually consists of having a series of 2 or 3 layers of different types of foam. The density and thickness of each of these layers can also vary. So you can have two 10 inch mattresses, yet the experience laying on each will be coimpletely different because of all these variables.

However, speaking just in terms of mattress thickness, if all things are equal apart from the mattress thickness, then a 10 or 12 inch is fine for most, while heavier people may wish to go for a 14 – 16 inch mattress.

In reality however, not all foam and not all manufacturers are of the same quality and standards. So you may want to consider additional criteria.

But we’ve saved you the time from reading on and bothering with all that, here are 4 of the best mattress options to consider.

Well Known Manufacturer And/Or Good Customer Reviews?

One of the first things to consider of course is the manufacturer. Is the manufacturer well-known or have a good number of customers reviewed it to verify the quality? If the manufacturer is well-known, then this is more reassuring about what the quality of their mattress will be like.

If they are not well-known, and you cannot find a lot of supporting independent customer reviews, then you may wish to give that particular brand of orthopedic mattress a miss. If you haven’t heard of the manufacturer before, and you can find nothing to support the quality of the mattress, then it simply makes sense to avoid buying this manufacturer’s mattress and hoping for the best.

Mattress Memory Foam Density

Another thing to consider is the density of the mattress, this basically loosely informs you about the quality of the mattress. You will need to look for a mattress that has between five and six pounds. This is recognized as a high-quality density level, although at the current time there is no official standard to say what’s level of density a memory foam mattress should conform with.

After you have considered these two things, this should then leave you with to decent manufacturers, and then you just need to narrow down onto what’s level of thickness you want the mattress to be, so now we can answer the question of what is the difference between an 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, or 14 inch memory foam mattress.

The difference between the different thicknesses levels of mattress is not down to so much of a quality issue as it is a preference issue. However, you may wish to avoid getting an 8 inch mattress. A lot of the premium mattresses on the market will be at least 10 inches, and of course you do not want the mattress to quickly thin out, so it makes sense to avoid the thinnest mattress in the range. So for most people, a 10 inch mattress will be a good thickness size for them.

A 12 inch mattress will be for people that generally prefer a greater level of thickness and sturdiness in their mattress. It is also good for people that tends to weigh a little bit more than the average person for obvious reasons – a thicker mattress, can better support the additional weight.

And itself follows then that a 14 inch mattress will follow the same principle, that is people that prefer an extra thick mattress will want a 14 inch, or people that are very heavy will prefer to have a 14 inch mattress.

So the main issue to consider before you entertain looking at mattress thicknesses, is to first filter out the mattress brands that are unknown, or have no evidence of customer appreciation. And then you should check that the density of the mattress falls between five and six pounds to ensure that the mattress is both not too firm, yet not too weak either.


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